Coaching with Clark

Start Living Your Best Life Now!

If you've been stuck or struggling or just looking for an upgrade in some areas of your life, Clark will help you with hidden blocks to help open you up to growth and real transformation. The key to any personal growth is getting going right away. You can start this challenge right now. Just signup, download the book and get going!

Bring Your Life Back To Life

Our biggest problems in life come from five things:

  •  Low Physical Energy

  •  Spiritual Disconnection

  •  A Poor Relationship With Money

  •  Feeling Overwhelmed Or Inadequate

  •  Not Having The Intimate Connections Our Heart Truly Desires

It’s easy to feel defeated, unmotivated, or unsure how to move forward when those things are blocking your path to success and fulfillment. If you are experiencing any of this, you are not alone. It can happen to anyone. The good news is you don’t have to stay stuck. It’s possible to turn your life around much faster than you think.

Coaching with Clark Package Options

45-Minute Consultation $97.00

Chat with Clark Bartram on Skype about anything, from fitness and mental focus to marriage and relationships. As a fitness professional, mindset coach, and devoted husband of 30-plus years, Clark has helped thousands of men and women get in the best shape of their lives, reached thousands more with Where The Mind Goes You Go, a best-selling book about the power of the mind, and has put in the work necessary to keep love alive with his wife Anita.

Special Offer: On the day of your powerful, inspiring, and thought-provoking session, if you and Clark decide to go deeper with additional coaching, you can apply your $97.00 investment to either of the two Coaching with Clark packages below.


Four-Week Rapid Change Maker $997.00

If you’re ready to make a lasting change in your life, this focused accountability package will make it happen. You get two, thirty minute Skype sessions with Clark plus unlimited e-mail support for the entire four-week program. You’ll also receive a customized nutrition and workout plan to help you reach your desired goals.


Eight-Week Total Life Changer $2,997.00


This exclusive mentoring package is only offered to select individuals who demonstrate a deep desire and commitment to radically transform their lives. After an initial 45-minute consultation covering topics such as fear, depression, bad habits, and relationships, you and Clark will decide together if this life-altering journey is right for you. Clients who accept this awesome responsibility will receive weekly one-hour Skype sessions with Clark, unlimited email and text support, a customized nutrition and workout plan, and Clark’s full attention during this time together.